In October of 2004 I was asked to take part in an art installation by Vancouver aerist Fiona Bowie. Slip/Host features a pair of continuous 360 degree panoramic settings. These settings incorporate time-synched video to produce an enveloping dramatic narrative. These parallel installations are set as parallel universes... one cartoon-like, the other an industrial park. I play a different character in each realm: the Gargantuan Head and the Sedentary Manufacturer.

I finally saw the piece in 2007 when it had its premiere at a gallery in Vancouver and I was back there shooting Tin Man.  I loved it.


Out on the Edge

I was asked to host Out on the Edge, a special for Comedy Central that was an attempt to showcase a more edgy, queer brand of comedian and performer, and I was really excited to do a bit of stand up comedy again.  

Craig Chester worked with me on my material, and I blame him for encouraging me to talk about my foreksin on national television at such length (as it were) again.


Eavesdropping - Julianne Moore

For the last of my talk shows for Oxygen, Eavesdropping with Alan Cumming, I took Juianne Moore to Dumbo in Brooklyn to make chocolate at Jacques Torres' chocolate store.

Talk shows

Graham Norton and the lovely Vicki Gaberau...


Eavesdropping - Megan Mulally

I interviewed the gorgeous Megan Mulally for the fourth of my series of specials Eavesdropping with Alan Cumming for the Oxygen channel in LA. We had never met before but got on like a house on fire.

Eavesdropping - Liv Tyler

I took the lovely Liv Tyler to Coney Island for the third of my Eavesdropping with Alan Cumming shows for Oxygen.


Talk Shows

During the press tour for X2:X Men United I did a lot of talk shows, including The Jonathon Ross Show for the BBC in the UK

And then here I am on Caroline Rhea, Conan O'Brien and Graham Norton as well as clips from coverage of the premiere in LA, the WB11 news in NYC, E News Live and soooo on.

Orange Mobile advert

I shot an Orange Mobile phone commercial which was shown in UK cinemas. It was part of a series of ads in which various actors tried to pitch ideas to Mr Orange. It's quite a hoot.

Until There's A Cure

I went to San Francisco and shot this PSA for Until There's a Cure


Eavesdropping - Halle Berry

I went to LA to interview the goddess that is Halle Berry for my Eavesdropping with Alan Cumming show. We had just finished shooting X2, and that is why I look ill and drawn and fat.