I Bought A Blue Car Today in California!

We took I Bought A Blue Car Today to the Orange County Performance Arts Center in Costa Mesa for two performances (OMFG, we went behind the Orange Curtain!!) and then to the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles for a week. Here I am on NBC news talking about the show


I Bought A Blue Car Today - the album


I am 44 years old and I release my debut solo album! It's mostly  the songs I did in the stage show of the same name, with a new one added, Next To Me, which I wrote with Lance Horne.

The album came out on September 22nd, and we celebrated with an amazing release party at the Box in NYC (below right).

Here I am plugging the album on ABC News Now,









I Bought A Blue Car Today at the Vaudeville Theatre, London

We took I Bought A Blue Car Today to London's glittering West End for 8 performances at the Vaudeville Theatre.  It was really nice to be back in London and also quite fascinating to be there talking about the past ten years of my life in another country (the show is a sort of collection of stories and incidents that have happened to me since I went to live in America, culminating on my becoming an American citizen).

The best bit about the London show for me was the enormous picture that was hanging at the front of the stage as the audience entered.  I snuck on with the band when they came on to tune up, and stood behind it, so that when it was pulled up the real me was revealed in the same pose as the picture. It was so Liza.

Here's a picture of the picture, and a picture of myself and Lance Horne, mid-song.

And also, a clip of me appearing on Loose Women to promote the show, including a very early in the day rendition of That's Life.


The Real Cabaret

I presented another documentary for BBC4 entitled The Real Cabaret.  In it I interviewed some of the people who'd been involved with the movie and original musical (Liza, John Kander, Joe Masteroff) but also went to Berlin to find out about the real cabaret artistes of the time, and what fates befell them. I also visit the actual flat Christopher Isherwood lived which was where he had the inspiration to write Goodbye to Berlin, the book that Cabaret is based on.



I read the audio book of Scott Westerfield's novel for Simon and Shuster.  It's a really fascinating revision of the origins of the first world war, and the opposing sides' war machines - which they either oil, or feed!. You can listen to an excerpt of it here


Ecstacy the Musical!

My friend Ned Stresen-Reuter and I were approached by Trojan comdoms to make another film for them, this time about a new condom called, wait for it, Ecstacy! In the meeting we had about it, I mentioned that the shape of the condom was somewhat curious, and Dan from the adverising agency said 'Yes, it's shaped like a baseball bat!'.  That was the beginning of a germ of an idea...

I thought something as ecstatic needed a theme with pizzazz so we wrote a 50s style musical.  Lance Horne helped us write the music and the lovely Ricki Lake came along and played with me.  We shot it at the Box in NYC and we all had a hoot.


Riverworld is based on the series of book by Phillip Jose Farmer.  I returned to Vancouver to shoot a cameo in this mini-series for my old friends at The Sci-fi Channel, RHI and Reunion Pictures. (I had previously worked on Tin Man with them).

 I play the Judas Caretaker, an alien (natch), who seems as confused about what is going on in Riverworld as everyone else!! Actually he knows more than he's letting on but as the whole thing is a sort of allergory for the afterlife and reincarnation, no-one really says what they really mean.  When it comes out, you'll understand.


Into the Night

Into the Night is a German/French TV interview show which is in the format of a documentary about two artists meeting and going out on the town together.  I did this one with the novelist Ian Rankin in Edinburgh

Newsweek article

I was commissioned to write a piece for Newsweek magazine, inspired by the HBO remake of Grey Gardens. You can read it here.



Scotland On Screen

I was asked by the BBC to host a documentary that goes to various parts of Scotland where movies have been shot, and examines how they have represented the areas and also how the locals feel about the films today.

We went to Mull for I Know Where I'm Going, to Glencoe for Braveheart, Cumbernauld for Gregory's Girl (where I toured round the locations with director Bill Forsyth), to Kircudbrightshire for Wicker Man and to Edinburgh for The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.