Eavesdropping - Julianne Moore

For the last of my talk shows for Oxygen, Eavesdropping with Alan Cumming, I took Juianne Moore to Dumbo in Brooklyn to make chocolate at Jacques Torres' chocolate store.

Talk shows

Graham Norton and the lovely Vicki Gaberau...

Reefer Madness

Reefer Madness is a movie musical based on a musical based on the 1936 propaganda film!

I had seen the original movie a long time ago and didn't remember too much about it (I wonder why?!), but I did remember it being hilarious. I also remeber thinking how alarming it was that people would go to such lengths to demonise and misreprsent something (in this case pot). This is what Dan Studney and Kevin Murphy highlighted so cleverly in their musical - the way we are ruled by fear, and how it is in our governments' interests to keep us in this state.

The film is an absolute hoot and we had a blast making it. It was great to be able to sing again, and also act with such an amazing group of performers: Christian Campbell, Kristen Bell, Ana Gasteyer, Steven Weber, Amy Spanger, Neve Campbell, Bob Torti and John Kassir, and a hilarious director, Andy Fickman.

I play the lecturer who come to the town to warn the parents of the evils of marijuana, but then in the film within a film parts I take on lots of different disguises including President Franklin Roosevelt and Goat Man!! 

Reefer Madness premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on 27th January 2005 -  my 40th birthday! I know it sounds like a great thing to have a film premiere on your birthday, but actually having an entire audience sing me happy birthday and then having the after-party come to a halt whilst a massive marijuana leaf-shaped cake was wheeled towards me followed by a phalanx of photographers was really very embarassing!

The film was then shown on Showtime, who incidentally supported it from its early incarnation onstage in LA and were really amazing to work with, especially considering they were funding a political satire about a propaganda film about drugs!!



Eavesdropping - Megan Mulally

I interviewed the gorgeous Megan Mulally for the fourth of my series of specials Eavesdropping with Alan Cumming for the Oxygen channel in LA. We had never met before but got on like a house on fire.

Eavesdropping - Liv Tyler

I took the lovely Liv Tyler to Coney Island for the third of my Eavesdropping with Alan Cumming shows for Oxygen.


Talk Shows

During the press tour for X2:X Men United I did a lot of talk shows, including The Jonathon Ross Show for the BBC in the UK

And then here I am on Caroline Rhea, Conan O'Brien and Graham Norton as well as clips from coverage of the premiere in LA, the WB11 news in NYC, E News Live and soooo on.

Shoebox Zoo

I provided the voice for the bumbling yet kind-hearted Bruno the Bear in this CBBC Scotland series about a girl and her enchanted adventures with four beautifully carved animals that spring to life on her command. Shoebox Zoo was first broadcast on CBBC in September 2004.

Until There's A Cure

I went to San Francisco and shot this PSA for Until There's a Cure

The Goodbye Girl

I played theatre director Mark Bodine in The Goodbye Girl, a Turner Network Television original film that offered a contemporary turn on Academy Award-nominated Neil Simon's classic about a dumped-on divorcee and an aspiring actor who become unwilling roommates in a New York City apartment.

Directed by Richard Benjamin, the film was shot in Vancouver in the spring of 2003, and aired on TNT in January.


In the last ever season of Frasier, I played a yogi named Ahmrit who gives private classes to Niles and Daphne in an episode that aired in March. I'd always liked Frasier, so it was great to actually be in it. The most amazing thing about the week-long process was seeing how skilled the cast was at knowing exactly what was needed to make the script work best. They had been playing these characters for so long they just had it down. I was full of admiration for them, both for that reason and that they hadn't gone crazy playing the same people for ten years! I'd only ever done one US sitcom before, but they made me feel I was in very safe hands. The only bummer was I didn't get to shoot my scenes in front of the live audience. We had to pre-record them because David Hyde Pierce had to do yoga moves that needed a body double!