Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research

I have recently become an Angel Ambassador for Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research, which was created in 1996 by my friend Denise Rich in memory of her daughter Gabrielle, who passed away at the age of 27 after a long and valiant struggle with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia [AML].

The purpose of Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research is to encourage the development of more effective therapies for patients with leukemia, lymphoma and related cancers. The Foundation funds innovative clinical or basic science research that will lead to novel therapeutic approaches that could replace, or be used in combination with existing effective therapies. Such therapeutic approaches could include alternative or complementary medicine. The Foundation funds research to improve the efficacy of cancer treatments, reduce their toxicity and improve the quality of life of patients with leukemia or lymphoma. The Foundation also supports limited scientific interchange between select leaders in different areas of bio and integrative medical research, to develop unique and important collaborative efforts that will lead to improvements in the treatment and care of patients with leukemia and lymphoma.

As an Angel Ambassador, I will help engage and educate young people in the importance of cancer research, introduce a new generation to Gabrielle's Angel Foundation through personal stories of survival and change, and inspire young people, through Gabrielle's story, to donate and save a life.