Victor and Barry's Guide to Mayfest

Victor and Barry were darlings of the Scottish cabaret scene, but now television domination beckoned.  Forbes and I were asked to wrte and host short magazine programmes about Mayfest, Glasgow's annual arts' festival.  We jumped at the chance, and, as Victor and Barry would say, suddenly the sluice gates of television stardom opened.

Looking back at it, this was an incredible experience because we were having to write material on the hoof, and change it according to which guests were available at the last minute, all the while trying to convey the characteristics and world of Victor and Barry to an unsuspecting nation.  Also at one point during the three weeks of the shows, I had to go away to Shetland to do some performances of It's Not The End of the World and so that is why Forbes is suddenly interviewing the artist George Wylie on his own!