Democratic National Convention

I went to the Democratic National Convention in Boston as a delegate for The Creative Coalition. It was a really fascinating thing for me, especially being Scottish and not totally au fait with the way American politics operate.  We went to the convention center each night and heard the speeches, and the days were filled with talks and meetings with various organizations and politicians.
I had to take part in a really scary event: Art$, Education and the 21st Century Economy--a panel discussion in which I sat between Arianna Huffington and Bill O'Reilly.  As you can imagine, Bill O'Reilly did what he was there to do and trotted out some really contentious statements. Most people were used to him, but I had never really watched (or wanted to) his show so I was utterly horrified and at one point, when he suggested that someone on the panel wanted to teach terrorists how to sing (or something equally ridiculous), I told him he was insane.
I still think he is.
The highlight of this week was, of course, hearing Barack Obama speak for the first time.  He lit up the room.