The L Word

I was asked to go into Showtime's hit series The L Word for half a season to play Billie Blaikie, a really fun character who worked for Pam Grier and generally caused havoc.

It was fun to be in something that was so sexually provocative and ground-breaking.When you do a TV show in America they usually just have one script to show you and you have to sign on for the rest based purely on a conversation about your storyline.

So I said I would do this part only if I could have a sex scene with a lesbian. I thought it would be really interesting to shake things up and confound people's expectations about the black and white notions of sexuality. (I believe things are more grey).

I did finally have sex with a lesbian, but it wasn't really the scenario I had imagined! Daniela Sea who played Max is a sweetheart and a great kisser and it's great to have someone as sensitive and lovely as her to do scenes like this with.

Here is a scene that was actually cut from one of the episodes. It's always really annoying to have a sex scene cut, because they are very embarrassing and exposing to do - even though this one was with my very good friend Paul Anthony and so we were able to have a laugh about putting the hot hot dog in the bun.