Portrait Artist by Christian Hook

I am truly honoured to tell you the above portrait of me by Christian Hook was recently unveiled at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.

Christian won the Portrait Artist of the Year award, and the competition was filmed by Sky Arts and shown in the UK, including the final episode when I went to Edinburgh for the unveiling. It is a huge honour to be in the SNPG,. especially painted by someone I admire so much, and someone with whom I got to know and collaborated with.  I am wearing a kilt that is made of the official YES Campaign for Independence tartan, and by my side is a jar of Honey in honour of my dog who died last summer.

The portrait below is a gift to me from Christian.  Then you can see them both in his studio.

And now here's a video of one of the sessions Christian and I had on the stage of Studio 54 in NYC, when he came to meet me and begin the process of the portrait.

And finally, a little film of us talking on the night of the unveiling in Edinburgh...