Family Equality Council

Because of my portrayal as Rudy in Travis Fine's film Any Day Now I was asked to become a member of the Family Equality  Board of Advocates. The newly created Board of Advocates are a group of luminaries who's mission is to ensure equal rights for the one million moms and dads in the U.S who are LGBT and the two million children they are raising. 

The Family Equality Council is a wonderful organization who is working to create a world where their families are respected, loved and celebrated. Their goal is to change hearts and minds and to advance social justice for all families. They are America's foremost advocate for LGBT family equality and work to achieve their goal by building community through national events and regional programs; providing direct support to LGBT families and prospective parents; educating the American public on issues and securing inclusion in legislation, policies and pracites impacting families. 

It really is an amazing honor and I'm just so grateful for the opportunity.