If you had told me when I was a little boy...

If you had told me when I was a little boy that I would be sitting in a room in New York City having an on-camera therapy session with Pamela Stephenson I would have thought you were nuts.  First of all, Pamela Stephenson was then part of the cast of Not The Nine O'Clock News, a hilarious and, without sounding too fluidy, seminal comedy show of the early eighties. Now she is a pyschologist and this morning I shot an interview with her that was basically a therapy session about being famous.  The thing about being famous is that you don't really talk about the real experience of it very often.  To do so with non-famous people is awkward and there is a lot of 'you should be so lucky, mate'  and with other famous people you sort of can but actually you don't really because it is so nice to know that someone just gets it and that you don't need to talk about it. Obviously being famous and what that means as you go about your business in the world is something I have a lot to say about but mostly I say to only my husband, very close friends, my own therapist and now, the lovely Pamela Stephenson.  I had a great time. I hope it turns out ok.

I have been having a lot of 'if you had told me whe I was a lttle boy/getting up this morning/etc' moments recently.  Partly I think it's due to Halloween and the flurry of extraordinary experiences I have been having.  I attended Bette Midler's Hulaween bash that benefits her amazing New York Restoration Project and I went as a monkey. Not a mouse as some of the tabloids supposed! A great time was had by all and a lot of cash was raised. Stevie Wonder performed, Bette wandered around being charming and hilarious.

Then on Saturday I had my own second annulal (I hope) Halloween extravagnaza at the the Soho Grand Hotel. It was another smashing evening. DJ Michael Cavadias had a lot to do with how incredible a night it was, but also my amazing friends and their genius costumes.  I went as a Victorian boxer. Natch.  We partied till the cows came home.

Then on Sunday and Monday I performed in Sleep No More, the amazing Punch Drunk, site-specific show at the McKitrick Hotel on West 27th st, NYC.  I have been to the show several times and am a big fan, and when they asked me to be a part of their special Halloween celebrations I was honored, and when they came to me and asked if I would like to be IN the performance and play a doctor and do 1 on 1s with audience members (behind a locked door I did a short wordless piece in the near dark in which I tucked them into a bed and eventually coughed up a piece of hardware!!), well, I was over the moon.  The show is incredible and I cannot exhort you enough to see it if you are in NYC.  I just loved being around the dancers and performers who I had seen from the other side as an audience member.  I have said many times that if I have a regret it is that I am not a dancer and that was only reinforced after spending time with these brilliant people.

Now I am back at work on The Good Wife. In this past weekend's episode I said a line which involved the words 'semen' and 'Bin Laden'.  Again, if you told me.....I can't believe it got past the censors. But the fact that I get to say things like that and work with the people I do is what makes this such an incredible show to work on. Today I am shooting my first ever major scenes with my colleague Josh Charles.  We have only said hello to each other over the last couple of years. Funny old world.

On Friday I will be in San Francisco singing for an Amfar event and on the weekend of the 12th I will be at the Denver Starz Film Festival receiving an Excellence in Acting award.

If you had told me when I was a little boy...