A lot has happened in the past week.  In Uganda there was a bill that was brought to parliament that would make it illegal to be a homosexual, and in fact you would be killed for being one.  Thankfully,  on the last day of parliament this bill did not make it to the floor to be debated and so it was passed over.  Many think the weight of international pressure stopped something so insane being given credence and it was merely introduced into the parliamnetary session for political reasons with a small p, but nonetheless the very fact that something so barbaric could even be entertained at all at such a high level is just a sign of how far we have to go in the fight for equality.  And never forget it is a fight.

That is why I am very pleased to announce that my share of the profits of Second Cumming, my eponymous fragrance crafted by the genius Christopher Brosius, has produced about $2500 from its first quarter on sale and so I am sending that money to the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, or IGLHRC for short, to help their work on making places like Uganda safer and saner.  Tnanks to everyone for buying and please tell your friends to do the same because you will not only smell good, you will do good too! (Click on the box on the right to buy)

I got a ticket last week for not driving my bike in a bike lane!!! I was tailed by a traffic cop in one of those little electric car things and told that I should have crossed four lanes of traffic and avoided an ambulance with its siren blaring to get to the bike lane.  Now, I know there has been a lot of bike controversy since Robin Williams was let off from a charge for biking on the sidewalk and then the NYPD being criticised for being favourable to celebs and not hard enough in general on errant bikers, but come on!!  I think it is fine to be reprimanded for breaking the law, no matter how stupid the law is, but I think it is also fine for me to DEMAND that there be bike lanes on every street in NYC, so that I would not have to wonder if I was going to be potentially ticketed each time I go round a corner. Do you hear me, Mayor Bloomberg? Here is a picture I took of the traffic cop writing up my ticket.

In other news, Beige, the legendary Tuesday night party at B Bar in NYC has ended.  The picture at the top is of me there showing my respects. It was the very first place I ever went out to in NYC. I was asked by the New York Times to contribute to a report about its demise and to give my memories.  First of all I was on vacation when they asked, but second of all, my most vivid memories are much too dirty for the NY Times, or indeed this blog. But here is one little nugget: I once broke the bar at Beige. I pulled against it to do alittle stretch, perhaps to facilitate the alcohol to speed faster through my veins, and the rim of the bar came away in my hands and I fell to the floor. Happy days.