hair today...

As I write this we are still waiting to see if the NY senate is going to debate the marriage equality bill later today.  I hope tou have all called your senators.  Scroll down to find the phone numbers.  I am crossing everything and hoping that before I get home to NYC there will be good news. I could do with another wedding.

I have been very amused by the reaction to my hair when I attended the Critics' Choice television awards in Los Angeles on Monday.  I have not been taking any wonder growth drugs, I am not trying to look like Nicolas cage for any possible biopic, I am not starring in a revival of Les Miserables.  I was wearing the wig I had to wear for the film I just wrapped called Famlee, and on the day of the awards ceremony I had to get it out on in my hotel room then go to the awards and then go straight to set to shoot my last day.  Famlee is set in the 70s, hence the long do.  Underneath it are still my own greying locks.  So I hope that answers all the questions and people can sleep easy at night once more.  Maybe there was a clue in what I said when I picked up the award for Julianna Marguiles (she won, I didn't). I said 'I am not Julianna Marguiles, though I appear to be wearing her wig this afternoon. We have a time share scheme with it'.

I amd in the UK and about to do something I have never done beofre: cruise the Atlantic!  And guess what I did yestreday? I went to the Titanic section of the Maritime Museum in Southampton. Yes, I know, rather morbid. But I am a good ex-boy scout so always prepared.

Here's an extract of the latest audiobook I have recorded. A really amazing book, a novel version ofMacbeth written by David Hewson and AJ Hartley.  I loved reading it

And then a very funny montage from The Runaway that a very prolific someone has posted on Youtube.  It is a very surreal experience to see yourself in so many different girly outfits in a couple of minutes, let me tell ya.