It is funny to be in Hell A and to hear how utterly boiling it is in NYC. You always think of here being the hot place. But here it is pleasant.  Pleasant, pleasant, pleasant.

I am having a bit of a bad LA day. Things that I don't get about it are mounting in their adversity against me, and then I had dinner with a couple of friends and we had an LA bitchfest.  I am tired from the movie and from dealing wiht all the detritus of everyday life that you still have to deal with when you want to just completely immerse yourself in someting and someone.

 So I looked at my my camera and I found a video I made last week that shows my favourite view of California, and I found a song that I sang in the Burlesque movie that was ultimately cut that best encapsulates both what I am feeling and what I need to hear right now.  Enjoy!