the race is on

Hey peeps.  Some of you may not know this, but the NY legislature finishes for its summer recess on June 20th and there is a race and campaign on to bring the marriage equality bill back to the table before it does so.  It is still very dicey and down to the wire in terms of which senators will change their bigoted and anti-civil rights stance on this, BUT what has proved to be incredibly effective is them being reminded of the weight and, yes I'm going to say it, sheer girth, of public opinion that is very much against those views.

Step in to the frame Friend Factor, a great organistaion where friends come together to stand up for gay friends' rights. They are running a special campaign geared towards the NY senate, and what hapens is you join, and they show you how to get your friends involved and how easy it is to call a NY senator to voice your views.  And every call that is sent ensures a flower is sent to Albany for a visual protest too.  It really is amazing, it works and don't forget, time is marching on, people....


Also exciting news is that lots of the LGBT groups have come together in NY to form  New Yorkers United For Marriage.  They have a great website telling you what you can do and you can be sure that any money you donate is going straight to the front lines of this battle to get a few stubborn, scared and out of touch men and women to change their minds on giving people equality.  It is such a little thing but it take s a lot of money and effort to make change happen, as we have seen over the past few years! So please help if you can and try to get this bill brought to the senate in the next few weeks. I will blog pictures of my wedding if it happens on this very site!!!  Honest!

Here we are getting hitched in the UK, where gay people are treated with the rights and respect they deserve.

On another note, Cabaret has been much on my mind for the past few days.  So many people I run into have mentioned it. Was up wit dat? So here I am on the 1998 Drama Desk awards singing  I Don't Care Much.