Happy Valentine's Day!!  Whilst I personally feel that Valentine's Day is a crock of commercialised shit, I hope you all have a lovely loved-up time with your loved one or ones.

I have been having a fun time at Fashion Week. It gets a little scary because of all the microphones stuffed in your face and the random and potentially libellous questions that are asked of you.  But I try to have fun with it.

I would like to say here that I have nothing more to say about Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark. I feel I have said all that I have to say about both the show and my experience of having once been involved with it.  It isn't fun to see (mis)quotes of mine taken from eavesdropped-on conversations with friends being spewed around the internet so here's the scoop: I am indeed happy to be doing The Good Wife and not Spiderman, and I wish Julie, Bono, The Edge and everyone else involved all the very best.


Also I came to work today and everyone was ribbing me about a story in the NY Post about me taking a picture of a young lady's behind .  You see, I have become obsessed with my ShakeIt Photo app on my IPhone.  Indeed on Saturday at the G star Raw show I tried to take a picture of one of the model's (fantasstic) derrieres but alas I slipped and only got a shot of the tips of my blue suede boots and a lot of carpet.  Ah well. Maybe the universe is telling me not to be an ass man. I don't know. Here I am having a laugh about it with the lovely Jared Leto.