Dead Dad Dog

I am going to be doing a reading of JohnMcKay's play Dead Dad Dog at the Classic Stage Company in NYC on Monday 29th November at 8pm. You can get tickets here

Dead Dad Dog is about a guy named Eck whose day is disturbed by the appearance of his dead dad, Willie. I am Eck and Brian Cox will be Willie. I first saw this play in Edinburgh at the Traverse Theatre in 1988 and have always wanted to hear it again.  And sometimes you just have to make things happen, people!

And if you're heading out to see Burlesque this Thanksgiving, here is an excerpt from an interview with the director Steven Antin which explains why I am not in it very much..

Do you already have plans for extended and deleted scenes for the DVD?

ANTIN: Yeah, you’re going to see it all. There’s going to be extras on the DVD that are great. There’s a number that Alan Cumming did, that so sadly didn’t make it into the movie. I’m so sad about that. He’s so fabulous. Wait until you see him do this musical number. He sang “That’s Life” on the bar with the bartenders, and it was so great. We couldn’t make it work within the body of the movie, but on its own, it’s so beautiful and spectacular. We had to cut things from the movie ‘cause the movie was getting really long

I love being a DVD extra, I really do!! And here I am singing said, cut, song.