Last night I went to bed very sad.  I felt sad that people seem to not be able to see the bigger picture.  The Obama administration still seems to be being blamed for the mess Bush left behind.  How could the economy have recovered in such a short time?  The whole world financial infrastructure nearly collapsed on Bush's watch.  The defecit was huge under him, and it is bigger now because Obama and the Democrats have been trying to create jobs and kick start the decrepit economy they inherited. 

Oh, and whilst they were doing that they managed to pass a health care bill that will ensure more people than ever who never had access to healthcare now will. And yet, they have been punished. Punished for not clearing up their predecessors' shit quickly and effeciently enough. And punished for daring to ensure poor people won't languish in ill health.

But today, I don't feel so bad. It could have been a lot worse. When any country takes a quite radical political turn (like electing a black, left-wing man) there is always a response that is askew in its intensity and, hopefully, longevity (like the Tea Party, who must be one of the few political groups of modern times whose rallying call to take to the streets and demonstrate was the terrifying prospect of poor people living longer).

As you know I have my issues with Obama on his timeline for gay equality.  But I think his vision for this country is the kindest, fairest and most thoughtful of any politician out there. I just think he needs to be better at selling his message, sort out his adminstration's PR blunders, be louder and prouder.

The Tea Party is evidence that people can have the wool pulled over their eyes so easily here. Its basic tenets of less government and a lower defecit are ridiculous considering what less government did last time and, as I mentioned above, the defecit problem was of their own side's making. So it is all the more important to make sure that our side is better at communicating to these people about issues that they connect to, and not to try and engage with the propaganda they are being fed.

Yestedray America did tell Obama that it was not happy with how things are going. I think it needs to be reminded of what he is about, and especially that he is going to stop engaging in the political griping and territory marking that he promised us he would try to snuff out.

Ok, here's a picture of me at my Halloween party at the Soho Grand hotel last Saturday.  I opted for dead flapper girl. This is kind of how I felt last night.

PS If anyone lives in Barcelona, please read this and give the Pope a heart attack (or a hard on).