Snowed in

I just found this little interview which I did right after I had appeared on the Joy Behar show earlier this year.  I have to say that I really feel that the circumcision issue is being dicussed more these days, and people are questioning its merits (or lack of). I am very happy to report that last week I met up with an old friend whose son is genitally intact thanks to my exhortations!!

I am snowed in and I love it. I really like the sound of snow.  The way the quiet is magnified and numbed at the same time. Last night our house creaked and groaned and the wind howled outside.  My dog Honey was pressed up against me like one of those African babies who never loses contact with its mum.

The next few days are always interesting ones in that, in the lead up to the New Year, they are days which are usually pretty quiet and involving no work and so we are able to reflect and project about this year and the next.

Last year I made quite a few resolutions and kind of put out some things to the universe which, I must say, came to fruition.  So I am trusting in my power of being again and going to make a list over the next couple of days with what I would like and where I want to go on Planet Alan. 

My biggest thing is that I want to write this year.  Last year I started to blog every day and I thought that would help get me in front of the computer keyboard and also jump start my creative juices.  Well, it did and it didn't.  I sort of became more involved with the blog than I had intended and ultimately it got too much to deal with and so I slackened off my pace of posting and also stopped the Ask Alan part of the site in which people could contact me and ask me questions. I did enjoy the regularity of it, but sometimes when I was really busy it became more of a chore and a duty, and also there were several moments when the volume and content of the mail I was receiving became overwhelming and scary, sometimes both at the same time.

So for next year, I think I have learned my lesson. I will blog when I have something to say or share.  I will even tweet occasionally!! Yes, despite my worry that Twitter is the downfall of analysis I started to tweet last year on a day when I couldn't get online to do my blog and I wanted very badly to say something publicly about the spate of gay youth suicides.  And now I tweet about less important matters from time to time. But really the thing I will do every day is write.  Write my new book. Just write.

And now I am off to have a bath and watch a documentary about Noel Coward. How's that for procrastination?