What Alan did next

Here I am in the much touted padded cell made of cotton candy at the Performa fundraiser on Saturday. It was insane! I think I am still high. And of course you can see that there were as many photographers inside the cell for a minute as hungry sugar-seekers

I also went to the Hugo Boss/Guggenheim award announcement. Here I am being very bold.  A very nice German man won the 100 grand prize. Yes, a hundred thousand dollars! They don't muck about in the art world. I just love the Guggenheim museum.  It is such a beautiful and terrifying building. It is also quite amazing to be in a museum and be drunk

On Sunday, thanks to the very kind folks at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, I had a screening of my episode of Who Do You Think You Are as a fundraiser for a really amazing organisation called Give An Hour.  It gets mental health professionals to give increments of an hour of their time to returning military personnel who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and they in turn, have to do the same amount of community volunteering. Please go to the website and check them out and see if you can help in any way.

Also last week I hosted an auction for the American Foundation for Equal Rights which was all about selling art to raise cash for the Prop 8 trial appeal. I was very excited to be part of such a great event and I got to meet the plaintiffs in this historic case and also David Boies, one of the lawyers. Here I am with my friend Bruce Cohen who, with his husband Gabe, organised the evening.

Also the other week I went to the launch of Stan Lee's new foundation. Stan is of course the daddy of superheroes. Here we are having a laugh on the carpet

What else? Oh you know, same old, same old. I did a PSA for Cyndi Lauper's I Give A Damn campaign. I did a talk for the National Library of Scotland's American Foundation about my inspirations. I did the international press junket for The Good Wife. I went on my friend Daniel Nardicio's Shit Show and talked about Intact America and my belief that circumcision is genital mutilation. And last night I sang a coupe of songs at the Hiro Ballroom for the Ali Forney Center, a great organisation that helps gay youth. The evening was the launch of a video about the center and the release of a cover of That's What Friends Are For by me, David Raleigh, Billy Porter and Ari Gold. Check it out on iTunes soon

Look out too, for a new Cumming fragrance.  Guess what it's called? Yes, that's right . The Second Cumming!! Really.