Happy Halloween!

Here's a video I made in Sydney last year with my friend Queenie.  It is a hoot.

After much response from my friends and the studio audience at Jimmy Fallon's show on Wednesday I have decided to listen to the public and go to my Halloween party as a flapper girl.  Or more accurately, a version of the person wearing the dress I wore in Cabaret on Broadway.

You see I rather bizarrely kept the vintage dress as a memento when I left the show.  I reasoned that it was so frail and frayed by the end of my run that it wouldn't be of any use to the next actor who played the part, and indeed it didn't fit Michael C Hall, who replaced me.  And also it's nice to have something that you can just look at and remember so much more than the sum of its parts.

A few months ago I found it in a box.  It looks pretty shabby but it still has some lustre.  You can see the white make up I wore all over my body still there on the inside of it, and the ripped bits by the armpits where it was a little too tight.  I am slightly anxious that my body shape is not utterly the same as it was when I wore it last.  Also I am sensing that the slight lack of lustre might better be parlayed, in a make some lemonadee sort of way, into a dead flapper girl?!

I will post pictures of whatever variation I plump for.