Uggh! DO ask, DO tell!

Did you hear about how Senate Republicans blocked the repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' even though nearly 80% of Americans support repealing this discriminatory military policy?

Well, the fight isn't over. A federal district court recently ruled that 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' is unconstitutional and if Attorney General Eric Holder agrees not to fight the federal court's decision, DADT could soon become a relic of the past.

Attorney General Holder and the Justice Department may be our best hope to repeal DADT. But we need your help to make sure the Administration gets the message now. 

Please add your name to the letter to Attorney General Holder today and ask him NOT to appeal the federal district court's decision? It takes just a minute of your time:

Thank you so much!  On a lighter note, last night I went to the premiere of Howl, the film about Allen Ginsberg. It was really amazing. I had no idea about the obscenity court case that happened after his epic poem was published, and the film managed to cover it all whilst also letting the entire poem be heard (and seen thanks to some great animation sequences).  The lovely James Franco is Ginsberg and I exhort you all to go and see it when it is released, as it's really inspiring to see films that are not the usual formulaic, cookie-cutter types being done so well, and so please support it!

Gosh it's all about supporting things today. While we're on the subject, the T shirt I wore last night to the premeire was designed by my friend Traver Rains for his T-Rains line. Support him too!!