My post about my frustration with the Obama administration and its mixed messages regarding DADT and the repeal of the Defence of Marriage act has caused a sensation! 

Last night I performed a benefit for Fight Back New York at Joe's Pub and was joined on stage by Cynthia Nixon to talk about this organisation that has been borne out of the same frustration I feel, Bridget Everett who sang Miley Cyrus in a way we will never forget, and Dan Choi who again echoed my feelings that although we are told that change is coming it is not good enough for people to be fired and ostracised for being honest about who they are.  As Dan said, there should be no time schedule for integrity.

I was dismayed to read my blog entry as part of some articles saying that gay people are not going to vote or are thinking about voting for a party other than the Democrats next week.  Despite my frustration and anger at the way we are being treated, or more accurately derided or ignored, I would never consider voting for anyone other than a Democratic candidate.  I will vote for Obama next time too.  I think in America there is a very knee-jerk reaction to political outrage: if we are unhappy then we turn away completely.  I know how important it is for all our welfares to keep the Democrats in power in both houses, and I am striving to do that.

I really hate the idea that people think not voting is some sort of feasible protest.  It isn't. It is stupid and irresponsible.  Let's discuss, cajole and yes, be angry, but never forget the horrific political alternative that is all too recent.