big day, big night

Yesterday was a big day.  We started back on The Good Wife, shooting the photos for the Season 3 posters and press campaign, and as I was sitting in the make up chair I was told by my cast mate Matt Czuchry that I had been nominated for  Best Supporting Actor Emmy. Here's the statement I made yesterday about the nomination...

I think everyone would agree that my being asked to play Eli Gold was so from left field, but it has been such a blast and an education for me as an actor. And to be honored in this way just adds to the surprise and the delight I feel at being a part of such a great show. I am sure Eli is in a photo copy room somewhere doing a little silent celebratory jig!

Then in the evening I attended the launch at the Ace Hotel in NYC, of 2nd (Alan) Cumming, my fragrance that Christopher Brosius designed, all the profits of which are going to charity. Thanks toKanon Organic vodka for making sure we all had a very nice time. It was great to see a lot of old friends and meet some new ones, and thanks to everyone for coming along to support this project. You can support it too by clicking on the little box to the right. As I said all the profits go to charity, my half to the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission and Christopher's to the LGBT Stop Free Project