I am feeling chatty

Honey had quite the weekend. First of all she attended Robert Wilson's annual Watermill Arts Center benefit in the Hamptons, and not only did she cause a stir (hello, see photo from the Wall Street Journal), she also actually took part in an art installation, people!! Yes, really! In the middle of the silent auction area there was a performance involving a man dressed as a dog and a woman who was in a kennel. Also there were various bones and dog toys flung around the stage flooring. Honey had her eye on one of the bones and eventually the man dressed as the dog came over and gave it to her!! She took itand then the overwhelming urge to bury it kicked in so off she went and continued her own piece of performance art by burying it next to one of the big stone pillars that juts out of the forest floor in the Watermil grounds.  Look out Marina Abromivic, Miss Honey is the next big thing in the art world.

Then she popped on the ferry to Fire Island where she met up with some friends, and her dads attended the Pines Party.  Here she is having a much deserved dip with me in our friends' pool

I want to tell you about a really great organistaion called Place In The Sun. They're from Australia, where so many good things come from in my experience, and they aim to promote vegetariansim and veaganism and especially how becoming one of these is the most environmnetally-beneficial thing you can do for yourself and the whole planet. Go to their site and see for yourself.  And maybe you could order one of these natty T shirts that I am modelling below.  Some of the prtoceeds will go to Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary, Thailand and

Association for Protection of Abandoned Dogs, Portugal  so it's all good.  What spunks!!

Finally here is a lovely piece of writing that Ira Glass did and I just think it's great and every young artist should read it. So here goes...