Emmy Nomination Statement

Emmy Pic

Tomorrow is my first day of filming season 7 on The Good Wife. I don’t think there could be many better going back to work gifts than waking up this morning to find out I had been nominated for an Emmy award for my work on the show!

It’s really incredible for me to compute that by the end of this season I will have been filling Eli’s tailored suits for more than six years. But due to the truly innovative writing of Michelle King and Robert King and their wit and intelligence and compassion, I have never looked forward so much to going back to work as I do tomorrow. Perhaps its because we are coming into election year that I have such relish to find out what Eli will be up to next. But whatever it is I know it will be of the highest quality and I will have the maximum fun bringing it to life.

I’m truly grateful to the Television Academy for this nomination and there is no truth in the rumor that I’m hiring Eli Gold as my advisor for the forthcoming Emmy campaign. Even though he offered me a really good rate.

This photo above was taken just before I got the call this morning!