I am at JFK about to get on a plane for Paris and then Edinburgh. I love Air France.

I found this clip of me on a Scottish TV talk show in 1995 talking about Goldeneye, which was about to come out, and also harking back to my Victor and Barry glory days.    Again, ah youth.

I do note more than a little nostalgia this week, as I head back to the Edinburgh fringe.  It's funny because although I have been doing my show all round the world for the last year and a half, taking it to Edinburgh makes me realise how much its content and tone, and also my desire to do it at all, is tied up with the amazing experiences I had as a barely twenty-something performing on the Fringe.  I guess it's true that the apple never falls far from the tree.

It's also weird thatjust yesterday I was shooting scenes for The Good Wife in Harlem, and will be back shooting the end of this episode on Tuesday, and yet in the middle of that I can fly across the Atlantic and take part in the world's biggest arts festival and see laods of old friends, and my mum, do a bunch of press things, see quite a few shows and then return and be all Eli again as though none of it happened.  I love showbiz.

 I am also very happy to read today that the results from various elections yesterday indicate that those Republicans who thought they were going to have it easy in November and take back both houses are in for a bit of a shock.  I can't help but think that the rise of the 24 hour news channels and their need for constant content and speculation, can create a very false impression compared to what real people are experiencing and thinking out there in America.  Media types and for the most part viewers of those types of channels will not be the ones who will be most feeling the affects of the changes this administration is making, I should imagine.