Everything must go!

Tonight I had my annual games giveaway party.  This is where I invite round a bunch of friends, mostly ones who are around about my size, and we play games to determine the order in which people go up to racks of clothes and shoes and other desultory swag and free stuff I have been given that I no longer have room. need or desire for.  It's a very Robin Hood way of redistributing celebrity swag, all with a few drinks and some guacamole.

Tonight was a particularly good one, only a few things left on the racks after the hordes left.  We even give out swag bags to take home the swag in.  It is a very good feeling to a) see lots of friends b) give away things to people who actually like and want them c) be less encumbered with thingsand d) to laugh at how I came about owning certain weird items, like a pair of trousers from a Sylvester Stallone film and a stack of still-wrapped porn. Don't ask.

Also we have a bit of a tradition now at parties in my flat of taking a picture with me and my friends who used to be assistants and my present assistant.  See the vid below.