It's the one that's best of all...

Have you seen the new Google images?  It's so great.  I found out about it hyesterdahy and geeked out for ages looking at old pictures and totally missed my spinning class.  Yes, I know, excuses, excuses.

Anyway, I found a few gems including this, on some atheist website...


I am moved.  I also found this one of me doing a photo shoot in Edinburgh last summer.  Do you see now why we get the big bucks?  Danger money, people!  Peril!


I am thinking a lot about Edinburgh as I have been doing some press for my shows there in August during the festival.  It has been along time since I have performed there.  In 2007 I was in the International Festival withThe Bacchae, but it has been since 1991 that I have performed on the Fringe (in Victor and Barry's swansong).  I am looking forward to it.

Today I was working on The Good Wife again and had a hilarious scene with Mary Beth Peil who plays Jackie.  I love the relationship she and Eli have.  It's pure war, but all done so politely.  And today it involved laundry.

It's hot and sticky here in New York City. Honey has an upset tummy, as she often does on very hot days, poor thing. There have been a few emergency runs to her favourite tree down the street.  And on that note, bon weekend tout le monde!

I just re-read this and realised that the other day I basically made a commercial for the Ipad and today I am schilling Google.  I must try and do this for more personal financial gain instead of casting my endorsement seed so liberally on this blog, don't you think?