My ideal dinner party

Brian, my trusty assistant, found that list of people I would choose to have dinner with!! It was for a Scottish charity called Victim Support Scotland.

So here then, is the line-up for my dead and alive people dinner party...


Bonnie Prince Charlie
I sort of sense he would be a bit prissy and it would probably be very entertaining listening to him tell tales of marching around the highlands in drag, covered in mud, desperate to get home to France for a croissant and a cafe au lait.

Gore Vidal
Because everything I have ever heard come out of his mouth has been either hilarious, contentious, outrageous,scandalous or a combination of all four, so the perfect dinner guest to stir things up.

Lord Lucan
Just because it would be really great to get the real story

and my Granny, because she was always the best fun and said the most surprising and nutty things and I would love to see her again.