Kafka where art thou?

I am having a Kafkaesque experience.  I write this from the Air China lounge in Beijing airport.  It is eerily empty, just me and another couple of hapless travellers, hanging around and eating noodles till our flight.

My flight from Newark today was delayed by hours so I missed my conncection to Kuala Lumpur.  Luckily Continental thought ahead and had already booked me on two more flights to get me to KL first thing tomorrow morning.  So when I arrived here there was a lovely lady called Sherry who took me around every Air China desk and office in this massive, sprawling airport.  I had been sleeping for hours on the plane and felt qite refreshed, but Sherry walked very fast and we covered a lot of ground and I can't wait to get back on another plane to get to sleep again.  It's also quite exhausting not knowing what the hell is going on or why you are being taken from one official to another and back again, a growing mound of bits of paper in you sweaty palm.  Still, all is well now, and I ma in the lounge.  There is even internet connection!  And we found my luggage! I had already comes to terms with that not happening. 

It's quite weird to be in such a huge building with so few people.  I can hear the distant sullen shouting of a child and some crackly walkie-talkie but aside from that just the hum of the bar's fridge and that peculiar noise in airports that always sounds like a faraway waterfall. Maybe it is.

I had two great shows on my last night at Feinstein's last night, well, I suppose it was two nights ago actually.  I keep forgetting this is Monday.  I was in the air for most of Sunday.  It has been areally great thing for me to do my show in that venue because once again it reminds me that, no matter if some of the crowd is not my normal demographic or if they don't share certain political or social views of mine, if you are honest and open they will respond to you and you can find a place where you connect. I know that sounds a bit wooey wooey but it's true.

 I am going to have more noodles now.  Chant that all goes to plan and I am indeed able to start filming tomorrow!!