All I seem to do is eat rice.  Rice, rice, rice.  Don't get me wrong, I like rice. It's just the frequency of my consumption of it that is alarming me right now.

I actually just stopped typing to have a gulp of red wine so I suppose that is a positive sign.

And I am surrounded by fruit.  There is a plethora of fruits that look like weird fish in a platter on the table over there, and I was sent off tonight for the long jounrey to Kuala Lumpur with a bag of grapes and pears that I also won't eat. I'm not that crazy about fruit.  I am a vegetarian who doesn't eat much fruit. Does that mean I will get scurvy?

I think it's the texture.  I think I base my comsumtion of food mostly on its texture.  fruit is a bit teary and chewy.  I'd much rather it was juiced and easier to down.

Today I saw an absolutely enormous lizard.  It was slinking past behind Richard the camera man just as I was doing an interview about a devastating piece of news that I'd just found out.  Today has been a mind fuck. Totally. I am talking about rice as a distraction. And drinking red wine.

But also, amfar, the American Foundation for AIDS Research, is up for a big award from American Express and if they win they'll get $200,000 that will go towards research to finding a cure for AIDS and helping those who have it and HIV.  Please go here and register and keep going back till August 22nd because the organisation with the most votes gets the big moolah, and you couldn't be helping a better cause.

Exhausted, mentaly and physically. I hope tomorrow is a little easer on the shock front.