Tetchy about techy

Yesterday we had some technical glitches here at AlanCumming.com, in thatme sparkling, spanking new Ipad does not let me blog on this site. Yet.  We're on it.  It's a techy reason that is too boring and difficult for me even to have explained but I am assured people are running around with hammers and drills and those little hats with lights on them somwhere in a huge aircraft hangar right now, getting to the bottom of it.

But it was rather frustrating because my whole day had been planned around this momentous new change in how I blog. I walked with the dogs in Central Park, I went and had a delicious curry, I snoozed, I went for a little swim and a steam for my voice, all the while thinking of what I was going to say and share with you and then I discovered I was to be mute.  Silenced by the progress of technology. 


Now I am back on my neanderthal MacBook Pro, bought, like I mean about six months ago (OMFG I know) and I will have to continue to lug it all over the globe and risk back injury and the runiation of my dance career unril this Ipad glitch has been resolved.

Aside from that I am loving my Ipad.  Whilst I was in Cape Town my blackberry broke down, the little roller ball would not roll so neither could I.  I stopped using it and just had my computer in my trailer and in my hotel room.  I had a local SA phone which didn't ring very often cos I didn't know very many people, and suddenly I remembered what it was like to not have a constant buzzing in your pants and to be forever scrolling down every mindless missive that came through.  Now, I would go for hours without any contact with the outside world at all. And I was fine.

So my lesson from that is that I want to continue to be a little less contactable, a little more distant.  Nobody will die, civilisation will not crash about our ears, and I will have more time to stop and smell the flowers. I actually did that the other day on the Upper East Side: I rubbed some lavender into my hands and Leon, Honey and I all had a sniff.  If I'd had my blackberry I wouldn't have had a hand free or more likely I'd have been looking at something and missed the flowers completely.