ask and tell

So here is what my Creative Emmy day looked like... This is me in my hotel room getting groomed by my friend Ermahn. He was the make up guy on Spy Kids and we have stayed friends ever since and whenever I have to do something in LA that involves looking pretty, he is my go to person. I love him.

Here he is again after I am groomed.

I find it so crazy when people on red carpets ask you to talk them through your outfit. I mean, I know what they mean, but let's get real here.  I find it so hard to resist the urge, and indeed I have not been able to in the past, to say 'Well, it's shoes, trousers, a jacket, a shirt and a tie'.  Anyway here I am talking through my incredibly controversial fashion choice from Saturday's Creative Emmys.  Just wait till you see what I am wearing for next week's Emmys!!

I was sitting next to the lovely Neil Patrick Harris and his man David and it was so exciting to be so close to a TWO time Emmy winner!!  We walked across to the dinner thing together and here is a snap of us having fun. Neil and David are about to welcome twins, and guess what? They now have twin Emmys. Woah! Go figure!

Then the most exciting thing happened to me.  One of my idols, Fred Willard, came up to talk to me.  I am so happy!  If you don't believe me, check out this picture of us both. What an honour!!

And finally here are the two lovely people who made up the whole idea of The Good Wife, Michelle and Robert King. They are both so talented and kind and lovely. And they know my husband Grant because their kids go to school with his first girlfriend's child!!  You couldn't make this up.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, tonight I went to see a truly amazing piece of theatre and I exhort you all who live in NYC to do the same. It is called Another American: Asking and Telling and is a brilliant piece of docu-drama conceived and perfomed by Marc Wolf.  The subject matter is obviously Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the current heinous policy in the US military for gay people which was introduced by President Clinton.  Ten years ago Marc went out and interviewed a cross-section of society about this topic and then made this piece in which he becomes, there is no other way to describe it,becomes those very people. It is one of the most stunning things I have seen in a very long time. Brilliantly executed, and utterly though-provoking and moving. Indeed, it is what theatre should be about. A triumph!! Click on the link above for tickets and go go go. It is only on a couple of nights a week for the next month and it would be a great shame to miss it.

Finally here is a lovely article in Departures magazine about