Flying visits

On Sunday in Edinburgh I was filmed by the TV channel New York 1, and today I was in thier building in Manhattan filming for The Good Wife. Funny old world, huh?!

I am still reeling a little from my weekend of Fringe fun and merriment, the flights back and forth and then being flung back into filming.  But I have enjoyed the scenes we have been shooting. Each week the show deals with issues that are pertinent and current in a really interesting and provocative way and I like that.

This weekend the madness will continue as on Friday I fly to Los Angeles for the Creative Emmys.  The award I am nominated for (Supporting Guest Actor in a Drama) is announced during this ceremony, and then I will return to LA the following weekend with the rest of The Good Wife cast for the Prime Time Emmys. And I thought my days of gadding about on planes had stopped for a while!

I have been getting up so early and having long filming days so I am glad that now, before I go to meet friends for drinks at my favourite local bar, I can walk Honey and Leon and have some daddy/kids time.  Honey has had a funny tummy again, poor thing.  But she is still boisterous and loves a rough house, so I don't think it's anything serious.  It is still really hot and humid here in NYC and I think being an old hairy lady must be pretty tough in this climate.

What a great thing it was tonight to see that all the combat troops leaving Iraq!!  Finally! Obama is keeping his word and washing his hands of the mess that Bush left him.  The West should never ever have invaded that country in the first place.

Someone put this up on youtube and I really like it. It's got audio of me singing Money from Cabaretset against footage of the Hindenburgh burning. Pretty powerful and weird.