me in specs

This first picture of me in specs was taken at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 1992 when I was there with my first ever feature film Prague.  

The next one was taken at the Sundance film festival in 2009 when I was there with the film Dare.  I am slightly obsessed with pictures of me in specs today because I thought that my failing eyesight was a recent thing and quite clearly it is not, as I was wearing specs 18 years ago.  I think though that there has been a marked downward spiral in my eyesight, all part of the slow march towards death which we all must come to terms with.  I actually like wearing specs, and I need to so much now that maybe I should think about contact lenses.  Though that would defeat the purpose and the joy of my spec wearing.  I even have my prescriptions in a few pairs of sunglasses

Oh, talking of the sun, it's not here.  Today is the first day in ages in New York City where I can remember wearing socks (except at work when I am Eli Gold - he is definitely not a Crocs man). It rained big time during the night and it was actually a little chilly this morning. I went off to work with a JACKET on. Can you imagine?!!

Of course it is rather exciting to suddenly have a whole new array of wardrobe possibilities available again. I am so looking forward to winter and to wearing a coat that one of the extras from The Runaway (a thing I shot recently in South Africa) was wearing and I nabbed it. It's a sort of big furry pimp coat and I am going to be so superfly in it this winter!  I also have a pair of galoshes which I yearn to wear.  I always feel like I need to drink some vodka and start weeping about Moscow when I wear them.  

I am typing this on my office computer and I have to say young Brian my assistant is a mucky pup. This is the dirtiest keyboard I have seen in some time.  I am going to actually go and get a bottle of spray stuff an clean it after I type this. That'll show him.

Today I did some voice work for a movie called Outback which will come out next year and in which I will be giving my Bog, a nasty crocodile. Oh yes, I am extending my range with every passing day. I also played a bratty Australian boy for a couple of lines too, though I should keep that quiet in case anyone in Australia ever hears it and wonders about the wonky accent.

Brian is off getting my outfit for the Emmys on Sunday. My dear friend Cynthia Rowley has made me a lovely ensemble, so at least I can be sure that at these Emmys I will not be wearing anything that Perez Hilton has already worked on the red carpet. By the way, thanks to the over a hundred thousand people who voted that I looked better than Perez. Much as I abhor popularity contests and fashion police type of things, it was very flattering.

Right I am off to scrub this murky keyboard and, yikes, the screen is a disgrace too.  Then I am going to walk the dogs. But finally here is another picture of me in specs. This one was taken in the Villa Borghese during the Rome Film Festival in 2008 by Gael Garcia Bernal.  Go figure!!