Today I flew to Los Angeles.  I was on American Airlines.  As soon as we boarded I heard one of the lady flight attendantscomplaining rather noisily about a bad smell.  A moment later the air was filled with the pungent smell of that kind of chemical air freshener that you get in gift shops. You know, like those awful scented candles.  Now, I don't mean that all scented candles are awful per se, far from it. But you now those cloying ones that catch in your throat and are called things like cinnamon dream, and you're suposed to put them on at Christmas to add to the ambiece of peace and tranquility?  Well imagine a cheap aerosol version of that being sprayed around you as you've just sat down on a very early flight.

We asked the lady if she'd mind not spraying it so near us and she replied - and she really did say this - 'I have to work here and some of the passengers stink'.  I guess she missed the customer relations classes at flight attendant school.

This afternon I have been lounging by the hotel pool with two friends from Australia who are here because they are nominated for the Best Make Up award at tomorrow's Emmys for The Pacific.  I worked with them on Son of the Mask which was shot in Oz.  We chatted about what we are wearing and also if there is a chance of us winning.  I told Chiara (for that is her name) that I am a good omen because the last time I attended the Creative Emmys the make up category was won by another friend of mine for Tin Man. We then freaked each other out about the possibility of going up on stage and having to make a speech. 

I am totally convinced that John Lithgow is going to win for Dexter.  But what if he doesn't?!!  I suddenly realised that if I won I would be utterly unprepared and would sound like a buffoon, so now there is that to worry about to. I have hastily begun to think of the list of people's names I should thank.  And my stomach is in knots.

You see, I have just made this all up in my head.  John Lithgow will win because he is brilliant and because he won the Golden Globe and if he didn't win the SAG then he should have.  I would like Robert Morse to win just because he is the cutest thing ever on Mad Men.  But I just never imagined I would stand a chance.  I just thought it would be a good laugh and a chance to see some friends and have a dirty weekend in LA.  Ony now, the day before, have I allowed the possibililty (and I am nominated so it isn't as if it would be insane for it to happen) to begin to ruin my fun.

 I am going to Rufus Wainwright's concert at the Greek theatre in a minute and not going to think about it anymore. But what if I win and I haven't practsied my speech enough?  And what if I don't win and I have written this blog and everyone will feel sorry for me?

I hate awards.