What's been going down this week...

The lovely Sienna Miller joined the cast of Cabaret as Sally Bowles. Wilkommen!


I have started writing a column for the Globe and Mail newspaper in Canada, and you can read my first one, about turning fifty, here


Here's a wee PSA I made to highlight the bigoted and totally stupid blood ban that exists for gay and bisexual men here in the USA. Unfortunately, the situation is similar in many other countries too, including my homeland of Scotland


Also I was interviewed by the lovely and talented Jeffrey Self for his podcast, This Is Really Important, and you can listen to it here

I attended the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary bash this past weekend. I hosted the show in 2000! It was a great, surreal evening. And oh yes, I'm wearing Calvin Klein.

And finally I interviewed my dearest chum and former fiance, Saffron Burrows, for Interview magazine and you can read it here

What I've been up to...

Drama League Awards

I attended the Drama League awards in NYC, and gave an award to Mark Saks, the casting director of The Good Wife.

And here is the latest commercial for Cabaret, which ends, like, forever, never coming back, on March 29th...

And here's some fun snaps from Club Cumming...

Evan Rachel Wood and I star in George Lucas' new animated movie, Strange Magic,

and here we are talking about it...

And Whitney Cummings guest hosted the Late Late Show and I went on and said hello...

Portrait of me by Christian Hook

I am truly honoured to tell you the above portrait of me by Christian Hook was recently unveiled at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.

Christian won the Portrait Artist of the Year award, and the competition was filmed by Sky Arts and shown in the UK, including the final episode when I went to Edinburgh for the unveiling. It is a huge honour to be in the SNPG,. especially painted by someone I admire so much, and someone with whom I got to know and collaborated with.  I am wearing a kilt that is made of the official YES Campaign for Independence tartan, and by my side is a jar of Honey in honour of my dog who died last summer.

The portrait below is a gift to me from Christian.  Then you can see them both in his studio.

And now here's a video of one of the sessions Christian and I had on the stage of Studio 54 in NYC, when he came to meet me and begin the process of the portrait.

And finally, a little film of us talking on the night of the unveiling in Edinburgh...



Today I was nominated for a Golden Globe, here is a statement I made!

I am shocked and awed by this nomination, especially in a year when the show itself is honored. The standard of writing on The Good Wife is unparalleled, but matched by the grace of our glorious leader Jules. Thanks HFPA for making it easier to have my hair painted with a silver Sharpie this morning!

My book tour

Here are the details of the readings and signings I will be doing on my North American book tour to promote my memoir, Not My Father's Son, out in the US anbd canada October 7th and in the UK November 14th.  I will be coming to the UK for a few days in November and will post more details about that soon.  
New York, NY, Monday 10/6, 7PM, Upper East Side Barnes & Noble Click here for tickets!
Chicago, IL, Monday 10/13, 11:30 AM, Union League of Chicago Click here for tickets!
Chicago, IL, Monday 10/13,  7PM, The Music Box Theatre with Unabridged Books  Click here for tickets!
Los Angeles, CA, Monday 10/20, 8:00 PM, Live Talks Los Angeles at the Aero Theatre Click here for tickets!
San Francisco, CA Monday 11/3, 7:30 PM, City Arts & Lectures at the Nourse Theatre Click here for tickets!
Philadelphia, PA, Monday 11/17, 7:30 PM, Free Library of Philadelphia  Click here for tickets!

Toronto, Canada, 12/1, 7PM, TIFF Bell Lighthouse Click here for tickets!


You can also find out more on my book's Facebook page here


Looking forward to seeing you all!


Last night I made stovies for my Cabaret castmates in a crockpot that I have in my dressing room, but here is the recipe for doing it on the stove...

Serves many

Stovies is a Scottish dish that is traditionally made with beef dripping, but I am a vegan so I have made up my own version.

It is real peasant food and ideal for people who, like me, love to have a plateful of one thing. I much prefer a mush-style dish to something with loads of different components.

Stovies are so great for parties on cold winter nights because you can just leave them on the stove and people can help themselves throughout the night as they please.

olive oil

3-4 cloves of garlic (more, if you like)

4 large onions

8-10 large potatoes

tamari or dark soy sauce, to taste

Worcestershire sauce, to taste

salt and pepper, to taste

a couple of handfuls of soya mince

In a wok or large pot, put a good old sloosh of olive oil. (I normally turn the bottle upside down and count until about four.) Chop up some garlic, and fry it in the olive oil for a bit. Don't let it get crispy, but tit needs to permeate the oil and make a tasty base for the stovies.

Take the biggish onions and chop them up into fairly big chunks and add them to the olive oil and garlic. Fry them for a bit longer, then put a lid on and leave them to sweat for a bit (about five minutes).

Now scrub and chop up the potatoes into fairly big chunks. Add to the sweating onions and garlic and leave for a bit to get all infused.

Now comes the fun bit. Get your tamari or dark soy sauce and squirt about 20 or so squirts into the wok, then do the same with your Worcestershire sauce. You could also use BBQ sauce; basically the trick is to make the stovies tasty and to give it a bit of a browny colour. You do all this to taste, and can also add some salt and pepper (although don't go crazy with the salt if you are going heavy on the tamari). Then throw in a couple of big handfuls of the soya mince. (My assistant Joey thought I said soya mints the first time I asked him to buy some, and had a devil of a job tracking any down).

Pour water into the wok so that all the ingredients are just submerged. Bring to the boil for a bit, turn it down to simmer, then go away and check your e-mails or have a bath or something.

Stir occasionally, and once the potatoes are cooked and soft you can give them a little beating up with a spoon to make the stovies more mushy in texture. I usually cook mine for about 30 minutes, with the lid half on, half off. Then turn them off, put the lid on and let them cook in their own juices.

You could also add things like hot sauce or mustard if you felt daring. Enjoy!

What I've been up to

Some recent visual iads of my eclectic existence...