Cabaret 1987

Cabaret was the opening play of the Brunton Theatre in Mussleburgh's 1987 season.

I played Cliff to Anne Smith's Sally, with Norman McCallum playing the EmCee. Little did I think I would be doing the show again in the West End and on Broadway.

I remember that the director Charles Nowosielski allowed me to go back to the Isherwood books and to add parts to Cliff's narration. I also remember my big number was Why Should I Wake Up? , which was mercifully dropped from the subsequent productions I did. I also remember slipping regularly on the remnants of the egg that my Sally Bowles dropped on the floor during the making of her Prairie Oyster.

It is startling to me to see that I have a monobrow in these pictures.  It is as though Cliff Bradshaw was played by a Scottish Frida Kahlo.