Alan is going on his holidays...

Sorry for radio silence but I have been wokring like a beeyotch.  We have been doing huge scenes on The Good Wife in a hotel in Manhattan that involve loads of the cast and tons of extras and lots of political machinations and I have been really exhausted and just crawling into and out of bed as soon as I get to my apartment door or wake up. It has also been unbearably hot in NYC, an end of summer heatwave.  Is it wrong to be glad of the effects of the hurricane about to hit so there will be an end to this oppression?


I have a long stint off now, and so I am going to have a little vacation and won't be blogging till later next week.  I was thinking about it, and I feel that, much as I enjoy this blogging lark, it has become a part of my daily routine and so should be avoided during a vacation when the true purpose is to vacate your life of all that is normal and routine to give yourself a change and a break. So, much as I will miss you all, I sense I must commit to vacation as stongly as I commit to everything else.


I have found some pictures online which show how I deal with the whorish aspect of being gifted things in swag suites. I take the piss and ham it up. Here I am gazing at my imaginary baby, enjoying the sensual pleasures of hair spray, channeling Groucho Marx and being broody with an Altoid lady.

I just had a chat with the Kings - Michelle and Robert - who are the creatrs of The Good Wife, and our producer Brooke, about Eli's future storylines, and I have to say it was very exciting and I am looking forward to lots of juicy scenes and dramatic revelations!  Of course I cannot possibly tell you any of them, but I do know that the new season begins with a bang on September 21st and the games will begin.

Next week is the beginning of Fashion Week in NYC and so my return to the blogosphere will coincide with it.  I am going to do video blogs of my experiences going out and about in the fashion madness, so look out for those.  Till then, I leave you with a story that the director I worked with today told me..

David Mamet was writing a screenplay for a Martin Scorcese movie.  Scorcese made so many suggestions and asked for so many changes that eventually Mamet told him to go fuck himself.  And Mamet's response to Scorcese's firing him off the picture for this outburst?  'He took it the wrong way!'