I'm back



Hello! I had a lovely vacation. I didn't do very much except potter and cook and eat and read and saw off tree limbs. Oh, I trampolined a little, I zip corded and I swam and I cycled. But mostly I chilled out.

Then I came back into New Yok City and was flung into the madness of fashion week. Yesterday I went to my friend Chrisian Seriano's show which was a gas. I have also had some meetings and photo shoots and all sorts. Today I was at a lunch for Karl Lagerfeld (can you see how I am channeling him in the picture), then I shot a bit for Electric Company, which was very very exciting. Then I had another photo shoot and then I came to work on The Good Wife. It is 1.30 am and I don't know when I will be finished. I really, really want to go out to my friend Rich Morel's night called Blow Off because he is going to play the Next To Me remix that he produced. I have never heard it in a club and I think that would be very exciting.  So fingers crossed.

Tomorrow I am going to my friend Cynthia Rowley's show in the morning and then to some other events. Rock and roll baby.  Cynthia designed my old Hollywood look for the Emmys.

I am going to go downstairs to the set now and see if I can find out when I can go home. Or go out more like.