fashioned out

I am fashioned out. Really, it's exhausting. Thank goodness fashion week is ony twice a year.  Of course one of the reasons I am a little delicate today is that these fashion events and parties have hardly any food at them as nobody eats in fashion and so you just get loads of booze shovelled down your throat and nothing solid in your tummy, then you find yourself doubled over your kitchen counter at 2am eating soup like a turtle.

Last night I ended up at BES in Chelsea for a dinner for the lovely Nick Petrou, designer of Petrouman.  Nick is so talented and a really interesting artist so it was no surprise that he should have asked the legend that is Joey Arias to perform for him. And so Joey did, atop the bar, like the fabulous trooper he is.  A friend of Joey's gave me little clip on things that go on the end of your nails, and I spent the evening running them over people's scalps and other parts of their bodies that they would let me away with, making them shiver with delight. They were a huge hit!

Tomorrow in the UK BBC1 will be broadcasting my episode of Who Do You Think You Are at 9pm. It has already been reported in the UK press that one of the revelations of the show is that I found out my grandfather died playing Russian Roulette in Malaysia in 1951.  There are many other aspects to his story, but that obviously was the most shocking and hard to deal with.  But I'd like to say that the team from Wall to Wall, the production company, and especially the show's director Elizabeth Dobson, couldn't have been kinder and more sensitive in guiding me through this voyage of discovery and in their dealings with my family, epsecially my mum.  It was a very rocky and sometimes startling and upsetting jounrey, but one that I am so glad to have made because it solved a mystery that has long been unanswered for us all. As I say at the end of the show...

The truth can hurt but not knowing can hurt even more