So the Obama administration is going to appeal the Federal Court's decision last week that DADT is unconstitutional.  Even though The Pentagon, yes, that's right, the fucking Pentagon was going to adhere to the decision and stop firing military personnel who were found or confessed to being gay. WTF?!  We keep hearing that Obama is an ally, that DADT will end under his watch, but what do we actually get? Diddly squat thus far on a federal level and in addition to that some very offensive statements that would have made the Republicans look bad.  I am patient. Being a homo in America you have to be. But they do not have to do this.  And in a time when America is full of hatred of all kinds, but especially hatred towards young gay people, what message is the President sending when he repeatedly goes out of his way to spread the message that the gay population is not worthy of the respect that everyone else is?!

How can we counsel our children not to bully their gay classmates, or pry and mock their gay friends, when they see their President, their beloved President Obama, refusing to do the equivalent in regards to troops and other adults.

Words and images matter, people.

I am going to be performing in a benefit for the Ali Forney Center on November 8th, and a video of a song I have recorded with David Raleigh, Ari Gold and Billy Porter. It's a cover of That's What Friends Are For.