what I've been up to...

I'm in a film called Into The Woods, and i did a day on it a couple of years ago when I went into the woods with director Jenifer Elster. She has written a piece about it all here for the Huffington Post and I have to say I am more confused than I was when I did it. The website is equally oblique and opaque.  But it is very intriguing. I can't wait to see the film if only to see if she really did include a story I told about teenage masturbation.

I went to the opening of David Mamet's  A Life In The Theater and saw my old pal Patrick Stewart who was amazing, starring alongside T R Knight.  I had never seen this play and found it really funny and touching and unexpected. I thought the NY Times review was mean and, not to labour a point on this post but here goes, masturbatory.

I also caught up with my dear friend and former roomate Matthew Bourne when his utterly stunning production of Swan Lake returned to NYC at City Center.  Run, kill, do whatever you can to see this amazing evening in the theater. I will give you your money back if you don't get swept up in it.  And also there are multitudes of utterly ravishing young men playing swans, sweating and hissing, so it's a win win situation in my book.

I totally forgot that I had actually gone on one night in this production, playing an autograph hunter in the Act 2 opening scene , when it was first mounted in London in 1997. So I can say I have appeared in Matthew Bourne's West End production of Swan Lake!  Life is complete!

In The Good Wife this week Eli nearly choked when he saw Alicia's brother saying that her husband was homophobic. he was especially bummed as he was about to get a big contribution for the campaign from the Chicago gay community. This storyline kind of tramsmogrified into a Jewish/Palestine debate after that.  So the gays and the jews covered in one fell swoop! And yes, I too appreciate the irony of me saying 'I'm not gay' on national television. But it's called acting, people!!

Finally here's a PSA I took part in recently for Hollywood Arts...