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Alejandra from Tijuana, Mexico has included me in her first solo art show at the CECUT museum from October 1-4th. I am very flattered to be included in your 'inspiring people in the arts' themed show, Alejandra. Good luck with it!  Don't I look cute and pale and skinny?!

what would you be doing with your life now if you didnt become a movie star/brodway star? O and also, whats it like being in stage in front of all those people? wher you ever afrad, or naturaly born for it?  I would probably be an English teacher, with a focus on spelling. And I am always afraid.  The fear never goes away.  I think that is natural though, and good.

Jeff writes: Saw your show in San Francisco (in the same theater I interviewed you in for my gay youth site, before Suffering Man's Charity a while back). I was just curious about the genesis of "Beautiful." You mentioned it was written for a 96-year-old on her birthday? What's the full story? I'm intrigued. My friend Barnaby's dad wrote the song and it was a gift for a 96 year old lady and played for her at her birthday party. Considering the lyrics, imagine what a fun old broad she must have been!

From somewhere in Canada, Jennifer asks: What other things do you like to indulge in that would typically be reserved for our youth? You have a very youthful and playful spirit, which I adore. But you also seem to be very much about living for the moment... do you consider yourself a nostalgic person at all? I have to say I am obsessed with silly bands. I am on the set ofThe Good Wife right now and I feel so naughty because I have two on up my sleeve under my Eli drag.  One is a skateboard!! And I do live in the moment, or try to as much as poss, and as for nostalgia, well I like to look back and remember but I never think 'oh, that was a better time' or do that awful thing when people say things like 'Oh the clubs in NYC were so much better ten years ago, you missed it'.  I think that's such a boring and useless attitude.  Maybe they had more fun ten years ago, but that's their deal.  As Maude says 'L-I-V-E! Live!'

You said once in an interview that your stage persona is very different from your actual self.  How, then, did you select your songs for I Bought a Blue Car Today?  Did they speak to Alan Cumming the Stage Personality or the actual man? Hmm, what a clever, sneaky question. Well, my stage persona in I Bought A Blue Car Today is me.  I think I was referring in the interview to a perception of me because of some of the more crazy roles I have played. So, the songs definitely speak to me the man (and also the stage personality in IBABCT!!)

Kuriouscat sent this poem about Into The Night, the show I did for German/French TV with Ian Rankin...

Alan Cumming, your the King of quick Chatter,
a fast flowing river, of great slangish "patter"!
A saw your wee film, with Ian Rankin the writer,
your a wonderful duo, who couldnt be tighter!

My question to you, is very personal indeed,
where did you get, that hair-do on your heed?
I'd like a wee copy, of this napper art,
to sell off the blue prints, on my ebay cart!

You got a bit pished, going down tae the pub,
then into a chippy, for some greasy grub!
White pudding and chips, the best you can get,
except when its fritters, that one I can bet!

Its better when drunk, fingers not forks,
so how did it taste, as good as New york's?
You have to admit, its better out west,
The fritters in Glasgow are simply the best!

You looked a bit scared, when you went underground,
Hooks from the ceiling, were up there all around!
Torch lights were piercing, the tunnels of death,
Tell me the truth, could you smell any meths?

Excuse me "This is Edinburgh", you scoff!
okay ma wee darling, one more to round off!
At the end of the night, where your eyes really smarting?
now tell me the truth, wis it cos big Rankin wis farting?

i want to know more about your book.  please tell me/us more about it.  hey, have you ever been on craig ferguson's show?  i would love to hear you both discuss your crazy pasts in scotland.  My book is called Tommy's Tale and it's a novel about a party boy in London who decides he wants to be a father.  It came out in 2002/2003.  And I haven't ever been on Craig's show, strangely, but we go way back.  I first worked with him in his guise of Bing Hitler in the mid eighties.  Here I am on the Jonathan Ross show in the UK talking about my book and X Men2.

From Jane: Apart from those who you love, what do you miss most about Scotland and the UK when you are in America, and what do you miss most about New York when you are in the UK ?  I miss the Scottish sense of humour, and also the common references.  We have a bleaker, darker side to what we find amusing and I love being reminded of that. I also miss deep fried white pudding!!  And when I am away from New York I miss things like the man in Tompkins Square Park who only plays Somewhere Over The Rainbow on his sax, and the energy and the mouthiness of the people.

Mark writes: Jessica Lange is my favorite actress and I was just wondering what turned out to be the most surprising thing about her when you first met and got the chance to work with her?  She told me she washed her hair in a bucket, outdoors on her farm in Minnesota. That was pretty surprising!  And she has a tattoo on her wrist.

Dexter says hi Alan just wanted you to know that I am such a huge fan of yours and I would also like to thank you for your work against circumcision. I too think it's barbaric and unnecessary. In an age where most men don't speak of it for fear of embarrassment it is nice to see that you are so open with your intact status. I love your performances and I look forward to seeing you in more films. Yay, thanks Dexter, and may the foreskin be with you!

Here's how The Daily Show covered the Prop 8 decision this week. Hilarious. And look out for my lovely friend David Mixner...