poor honey

I wish you could see me right now. I am mountain man.  I have been in the forest sweating, chopping down big branches from fir trees, one of which was damaged in a storm last winter and I am only now getting round to tidying it up, poor thing.  I also dragged a load of branches into the woods and started to make a bivouac.  Now I know in America a bivouac means nothing, in fact I am sure it does not resonate much amywhere, but when I was in the Cubs and Scouts we were forever being sent into forests to make them and I discovered today that it's like falling off a bike. So I now have the beginnings of a secret little piney branch hut in the woods to go and hide in.  Woo hoo.

Also today I felt sorry for Honey who was panting in the heat, and I suddenly remembered that I have a set of clippers left over from my days of shaved headedness and so I gave Honey a lttle trim.  Sadly I forgot the golden rule about never going against the grain and she has a couple of weird patches on either side of her tummy. I thought about making them into her initials and renaming her MC Honey, DJ, producer and rapper, but I just left it.

OMFG, The Burlesque trailer is out, people.  Here it is.  And also a little interview I did for my friend Abe Gurko for his site I Mean What?