boo hoo

I am so sad right now. I just heard one of the Mel Gibson phone messages.  I don't know what is more upsetting -  that he and his girlfriend's relationship had dissolved into such a horrible, violent, painful mess, or that it is available for the world to hear. Of course, the former is far worse, and his anger and violence is obviously out of control, but in some way the way we have access to every detail of celebrity life and love and death and hate is a really awful inditement of our priorities as a culture.


And also, as someone who has heard quite a few angry rants in his time, it is a little too Pavlovian in its reach right now.

Ah well. Guess what I did today folks? Idid some more voice work for next year's Smurfs movie!! Yay! Great showbiz segue, Alan.  Gutsy Smurf is a feiity little thing and it was rather exhausting I have to say.  And actualy quite touching too. And funny, as I was emailing Neil Patrick Harris throughout and we were having a laugh about the fact that we were doing our first ever scenes together on film- me in a voice studio in NYC today, and him on the screen in front of me, shot several months ago.  Funny old world.

I also did a reading of a movie I am involved withcalled Dwelling.  Despite the fact that it is notoriously difficult to read a screenplay aloud (they are meant to be read, not heard, after all), it went rather well, some problems were spotted and noted, and I think everyone had a good time and was stimulated by the story and excited to see it executed. So fingers crossed that it happens ere too long.

Honey and Leon and I have been on our stoop just now grooming each other.  This involves me brushing them both, as they are shedding furiously - obviously their bodies' reaction to the crazy heat here in NYC -  and Leon licking me at every available second.

Now we're off to try and sleep above the noise of the fans in the bedroom. I hate AC, you see. I don't mean myself, natch. I love myself. You know what I mean. It makes me feel funny and I think it is really toxic.  So we do fans and open windows.  Sometimes we cave and put the dogs to sleep in the guest room with the aircon on. And my office is chilled too.  Even though it's a bit sweaty sometimes, I still prefer it to that icy weird existence. There you go.