Flying tonight!

I don't think I will ever get over how exciting it is to be able to write a blog post from the skies.  I am on another plane, yes, yet another one, but this one is taking me home and I am not leaving the ground for at least a month until I go to Edinburgh to do my shows at the Fringe Festival there.

This year I was determined to travel less after I counted up the number of long haul flights I'd done in 2009 and realised my carbon footprint was at a murderous level.  But it hasn't quite gone according to plan.  However, this week I start work on the second season of The Good Wife and one of the many good things about that is that it will be better for the environment as it will keep me at home in New York.

A tray has just arrived on my table with some delicious looking gazpacho and a littlebowl of fruit.  I am seriously considering eating the fruit because there is no melon in it.  I have written on this blog about the fact that I am not a big fruit man and have received quite a ot of incredulous emails about it as well as some tips on how to get round my aversion.  Let me just say right now that I'm fine and no amount of persuasion will make me buy that drink product that the lady from Desperate Housewives with the smoothest forehead is plugging on TV these days. Uh uh.

While we're on the subject I will not be answering emails asking for storylines in the next season of the aforementioned The Good Wife, nor will I be giving out salacious details of my sex life, past, present or future.  I may talk about sex, of course, if I think it is relevant, and I will certainly talk about sexuality, but anyone who thinks that askalan is a portal to my underpants is going to be sorely dissapointed and should cease and desist straight away. (But those of you who leave comments and questions that do not ask the impossible or the unprintable, please do not be deterred. I love hearing from you.)

I had a great time in San Francisco and want tot thank the amazing, huge crowd who came along to the Castro and made it such a hilarious, joyous night; and all the people who stayed behind and waited to have their CDs signed.  I was so happy and proud after the show, and also it was great be able to say hello, albeit briefly, to so many old friends.

Fruit update: I have had a blackberry and it was quite nice. Here's Faye Dunaway eating an egg...