Who emmy I anyway? Emmy I my resume?

Today I woke up in a jet-lagged haze having no idea where I was, wondering why everything around me was flashing and buzzing.

Yesterday I flew to LA as I have a show here at Broad Stages in Santa Monica on Friday and then at the Castro in San Francisco on Saturday.  The night before was one of the hottest I have ever experienced in New York City and with two panting dogs and a sweaty man in bed with me on top of the lag I hardly slept a wink.

So last night I decided to get my body clock back into sync and took a sleeping pill.  I am a pussy when it comes to sleeping pills.  Once I take one I have about 20 minutes before I am completely comatose and then I will not wake up for eight hours. It's great, and it does exactly what I needed last night.

However this was not what was needed today apparently, as the Emmy nominations were announced here at 5.30 am (I mean, why so early, really?) and I was nominated for my performance in The Good Wife.  I got up for a pee at around 9 am and by then my inboxes were stuffed with congratulatory emails and calls but also missives saying things like 'Access Hollywood wants to talk to you at 11am'.

I made an executive decision that I would not be in a good place to talk to Access Hollywood whilst semi-drugged so made a couple of neccesary emails and went back to sleep, happy and woozy and emmy.

Now I am up and it's a blitzkrieg.  I think probably because I have been out of the country so much this summer I have not been cogniscent of the Emmy build-up so it now seems rather overwhelming to me, but also so heart-warming to get so many good wishes from friends and work coleagues.  It reminds me of getting married, or dying.  Obviously it's much nicer than the latter.

I remember my first taste of the American award frenzy when I did Cabaret on Broadway in 1998. I joked that I was going to change my name to Tony Nominee as I was referred to so much in that way, and so today of course, I sign off this post as Emmy Nominee.  Doesn't she sound like a diction exercise?