Bloody hell

Thank you so much to everyone who came along last night to the show at Broad Stages in Santa Monica.  It was a really great show for us and I hope for you. The theatre is beautiful and it was so amazing to sing in such a great space.  Lance, Yair and I all had a blast.  Then we went back to our friend Ricki's who threw us a party, and we all had a singalong. Sadly Lance left the music for the show on Ricki's piano, so right now our friend Josh is zooming his way to LAX with it, and Bil the lovely concierge from Virgin America is rushing it up to us in the lounge. Don't you just love it when bad things happen but they they are resolved so effortlessly. I think it's karma. I also love having a Bloody Mary before noon.

Update: Bill has just arrived with the music and we are a go situation, people.