Ear wax and more!

Here is the first picture of The Good Wife cast for the marjketing campaign for the launch of season 2, which happens on CBS on September 28th. This is one of these funny pictures that was shot at lots of different times and we were never all there together at once.

Anf then here is the single of me, and I can truthfully say that I was indeed there when this picture was taken.

Today I did something fantastic. I went and had an ear candle treatment.  This is where they put a funny wick thing into your ear and light it - a quite extraordinary aural experience I can tell you - and then you lie there as it burns down and a lady massages round your ear and then when she takes the wick out and cuts it open you get to see all the wax that has somehow been sucked out of your ear. My doctor told me the other day that by using Q Tips I had pushed wax further into my ear so I thought a good old candle wax extraction was in order. There was tons of the stuff! The little lady actually gasped when she saw how much.  And now I feel that the volume of the sountrack of my life has been turned up to beyond the max.  I just shot a scene in a court building in The Bronx with a lot of extras and when everyone was talking at once it was really a little overwhelming!

I'm going to be making some videos for CBS.com about life on the set of The Good Wife, so that will be fun.  I promise there will be no ear wax involved, unless it somehow part of a storyline in the show.  Which I doubt very much.

Thanks to Elise for sending me this video of a flash mob in Target.  Keep up the good work, people!!